WeFast: Easy API integration for quick deliveries to client
Automatic booking of deliveries with minimal effort from you and your clients directly from your webpage.
Why To Integrate?
Streamline checkout
& save time
Details like addresses are entered by the clients on their end and you simply have to forward us all the deliveries of the day with a few clicks. We sort out the logistics of couriers and routes.
Save money
& make money
As we have a set price you can integrate it into your product's pricing without significant change and offer free delivery as an incentive to your clients. A mark-up can also be added for Same-Day or Next-Day delivery for higher profits.

Choose your integration method
API is quick and easy to implement right away if you have a self-written ordering system

Multi-platform support
Integrate API on your website using the following modules. Our team is on-hand to help your developers with any questions

Our API integration is used by

How to work with us
1. Integrate the Wefast via different integration modules as per your need for urgent delivery service
2. Start creating orders with us by staying on your app/website.
3. Write to api@wefast.in for further queries on API

Frequently Asked Questions
What are different types of payment method?
For business clients, 2 payment methods are available.
i) non_cash — payment_methods.non_cash
ii) bank_card — payment_methods.bank_card

For individual clients, only cash option is available.
i) cash — payment_methods.cash

Link to Payment methods doc: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#payment-methods
Can we have multi point pickups?
Only first point in the point field can be considered as a pickup point by default.

But you can add other points as pickup points by mentioning them in the "note" field. (You need to mention, 2nd point, 3rd point etc is a pickup point with other instructions)

More details on pickup/delivery points: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#create-order
Can we share our Order Id with couriers?
Yes, you can share your order id under client_order_id parameter.
How we can get data of failed deliveries?
Failed Delivery option is not available to all the clients, however, we can switch this option on for you. In this case, if the delivery is unsuccessful, the courier can mark the delivery as "failed to deliver".

If you need this feature, let us know.
How can we enable/disable notification for customer?
To send/receive notifications, you need to pass the Callback URLs. These Callback URLs are available in the "Integration" tab in the client cabinet.

i) Notification about order changes: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#callback
ii) Notification about delivery changes: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#delivery-callback
How to make the order COD?
For COD Orders you need to pass the following details:
i) taking_amount — The amount the customer/merchant needs to receive from the contact person at the delivery address. COD Amount will be transferred by courier after collection from the contact person at the delivery address.

ii) backpayment_details — Details of the money transfer for COD. A bank account, Paytm or UPI details can be added for money transfer to customer/merchant.

For More Details: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#create-order
What is Create draft deliveries?
Create-deliveries create delivery drafts that can be used to auto-compose optimized orders in the client cabinet on the Routing tab. Routing the deliveries via cabinet can optimize the price and routes for multi-point deliveries.

More details on create draft deliveries: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#create-deliveries

What is delivery status and what are order status?
1. Order status describes the overall status of the order such as the order is active, canceled, completed, etc.

Different Order status details: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#order-statuses

2. Delivery status describes the status of the order at each delivery point such as the order is picked up, en-route, etc.

Different delivery status details: https://wefast.in/business-api/doc#delivery-statuses
Is there an API method I can use to simulate the natural lifecycle of a Wefast order? As in, a way for me to test my system's response as a task goes through its various stages ("new" > ... > "completed")?
The order status can be changed from our end only. Create a test order and share the order_id and we'll change the status as per your need for testing.