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Top 10 eMail Marketing Services For Marketer

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For any growing company, eMail marketing should be prioritized since it is the best way to engage leads and make them loyal customers. Over the years, eMail marketing has undergone numerous changes and developments in a bid to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. As the demand for eMail marketing increases, more services are cropping up to feel the gap. This makes it hard to pinpoint the best service that will suit your business. But worry not, by the end of this article you will have a clear insight on why having the best eMail marketing service is important and which services are the best for your company.

Why is it important to choose
the best eMail marketing service?

When selecting an eMail marketing service, go for the best. Why? This is because it will not just offer rudimentary functions. A good eMail marketing tool will be able to provide additional functions such as automation of marketing workflows, statistics tracking, and eMail personalization among many others. These features will enable you to create deeper relationships with your clients, build a loyal following, and increase sales. Those three alone are enough to grow your business and improve your profits. The list below contains some of the best eMail marketing services on the planet. Use it to determine the most suitable service for your business.
HubSpot is one of the most remarkable email marketing services. It comes with a number of templates to help you build appealing emails for your customers. The platform also allows you to create your own customized emails if at all, you feel none of the templates are of your liking. To make it even better, HubSpot comes with an intuitive way to incorporate content into your emails, making it efficient. The eMail marketing service has an interface where you can personalize every email to suit a specific recipient based on the country, the inclusion list as well as the device the recipient will use to access that particular email.
To make sure that the eMail is exactly as you want it to be delivered, HubSpot allows you to preview the email as the recipient. The service has gone further to include a smart send feature. This ensures that the email reaches the recipient at a specific time. You will also be intrigued to know that HubSpot offers A/B testing and has a remarkable delivery rate of 99%.
- Has a smart send feature.
- Easy to use.
- Allows email personalization.
- Integrates with many third-party apps.
- Has a high delivery rate.
- Offers statistics.
- Comes with an automated platform.

The enterprise version is pricier.
This is so far one of the most widely used eMail marketing resources. This is because it allows you to come up with your own email templates or use the over 100 templates readily available. The platform allows you to schedule the time and date when the email will be sent to your customers. This can be during their birthdays or anniversaries. They have included plus features on their services that are designed to enable you to perform specific campaigns such as donation collections and coupon offers.
With constant contact eMail marketing service, you won't have to worry about updating your eMail list every now and then. This is because they have an automatic update feature that keeps your list current. As soon as someone unsubscribes or an eMail bounces, it will be indicated on the list, making it the most effective eMail marketing service.
- Has a huge number of templates.
- It is very easy to use.
- Offers contact management.
- Comes with Social media sharing tools.
- Allows eMail tracking and reporting.

Mostly used for small businesses.
MailChimp is an eMail marketing service that provides tools suitable for both beginners and enterprise companies. It has quite a huge number of users around the globe and a very intuitive platform. They have included ad tools and landing pages to their platform with an aim of providing the best eMail marketing services to its users.
This eMail marketing service is always being updated with new features to suit the marketing dynamics. With them, you will get to enjoy social media integration tools as well as a number of educational resources. They have great templates and also offer simple tools to enable you to customize your eMails.
They have A/B Testing.
Have app integration tools.
Can send email according to time zones.
Comes with automatic responders.

They rarely offer refunds in case you want to opt out.
ConvertKit is known to be the best eMail marketing service for creating email automation workflows. It has great marketing tools for professional authors, bloggers, YouTubers, and marketers. The platform has a number of auto-responders making it good at sending drip messages. With ConvertKit, you will always have an easy time managing your eMail marketing platform.
The eMail marketing service allows you to come up with very attractive forms a well as customized emails for individual customers. You will also find it to be a very useful tool when it comes to offering incentives and a number of content updates to customers. The platform is simple and straight forward, and so be sure that you will find it to be just the right eMail marketing service for your business.
Comes with custom CSS.
Allows offering of multiple incentives.
Has a visual editor.
Has a number of landing page templates.
Makes use of drag-n-drop features.

Reporting data is limited.
AWeber is designed to offer businesses an easy way to create and build eMail marketing lists. Using its drag-n-drop tools, you can easily and conveniently build appealing email newsletters for your clients. It is known to be one of the oldest and yet the most intuitive eMail marketing service on the planet. You will be amazed by the number of eMail marketing tools available on AWeber.
This eMail marketing service syncs well with a number of platforms, including WordPress. It provides ready to use tools like list management tools, eMail templates, auto-responders, and eMail tracking tools. They offer live chat support options as well as phone and email support. This makes AWeber a great eMail marketing service for small and medium businesses alike.
- Offers direct email marketing feature.
- Has an easy to use interface.
- Has subscriber segmenting.
- Has a good rate of eMail delivery.
- Comes with marketing analytics.

- Some templates are a bit outdated.
- Doesn't allow you to include or exclude multiple templates at once during email sending.
Anyone looking for an eMail marketing solution that is easy to operate should consider utilizing GetResponse. The platform is popular for its eMail marketing automation tools which are not only fully functional but also very effective. With GetResponse, you can easily create and automate smart campaigns without any problems. The drag and drop builder also enables you to segment contacts and have an easy time managing your eMail list.
Some of the main features that you will get to access on GetResponse include A/B testing, eMail tracking, and auto-responders. You will also get to enjoy a number of lead generation software such as SalesForce, ZenDesk, OptinMonster, and Google Docs. Be sure that you will be able to expand your business and increase sales by simply using this incredible eMail marketing service.
- Has a number of marketing automation selections.
- The basic plan is cheaper.
- Comes with huge discounts whenever you pay upfront.
- Offers a USP webinar functionality.
- Has great data segmentation.

- You have no control over when and where data is displayed on the platform.
- Has small RSS to HTML templates for e-newsletter.
SendinBlue has managed to stay on top of the list as one of the best eMail marketing services due to its impressive features. The platform is known to send over 30 million automated tools daily, and this indicates how huge its following is. Their main catch is the Forms Tool feature that enables you to gather new leads, segment them into lists and enroll them to email nurturing campaigns.
Their workflow library is designed to help anyone who doesn't have the basic knowledge on how to utilize email campaigns to do so easily. This is because the platform has eMail campaign forms that are pre-made to be used for specific functions. Their free plans are also very generous compared to other eMail marketing services. With SendinBlue, you will be able to perform tasks such as campaign reporting, list management, and email layout optimization, among others.
It offers a number of SMS campaigns.
Comes with great design templates.
Has auto-response email options.
Has a generous free plan.

Has limited templates.
Just like the name suggests, OptinMonster is a monster when it comes to integration. It can seamlessly integrate with other eMail marketing services such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and AWeber, among others, to ensure efficient functionality. The platform is used by some of the biggest online companies in the world such as Pinterest, TripAdvisor, and McAfee, among others to create automated eMails and send them to their customers.
With OptinMonster, you can easily build professional email addresses to ensure a higher delivery rate. You will also be able to personalize your eMail based on the user segment. To ensure that you have a hint on how to perform all the relevant tasks, the eMail marketing service offers a step by step guide on the same. By just using the examples provided, you can easily come up with some of the best eMail marketing campaigns for clients.
- The platform is easy to use.
- It comes with guides on how to build campaigns.
- Has a number of email templates.
- Can handle comprehensive email lists.

- It is a bit pricey.
Campaign Monitor is an eMail marketing service that offers a superior platform for creating eMail lists and managing them conveniently. The platform is easy to use since it makes use of the popular drag and drop feature. With this eMail marketing service, you will be able to come up with comprehensive analytics that will enable you to know the behavior of your new and existing clients.
The platform uses data collected to enable you to personalize your campaigns with an aim of streamlining how you engage with your clients. Campaign monitor also works on ensuring you have total control over the whole eMail marketing process by giving you all the tools required to create and personalize eMail campaigns so as to effectively influence the target client.
Has a point and click editor.
Easy to use.
Comes with A/B testing.
Has great support.
Makes use of google analytics.

It is quite expensive.
Zoho is an amazing eMail marketing solution that is meant for anyone who wants to efficiently build eMail marketing campaigns. The platform comes with pre-designed templates which you will find to be very useful, especially if you don't have time to build your own templates. With Zoho drag and build feature, you can easily create appealing newsletters and manage your subscribers easily.
By the use of market automation, you can automate a number of tasks so that you may have more time to deal with tasks that cannot be automated. Some of the features that Zoho comes with include social analytics, A/B testing, customizable layouts, link tracking, and scheduled sending, among others. Those are so far the main features that make Zoho one of the best eMail marketing services around.
Easy to use platform.
Comes with predefined campaign templates.
Offers A/B testing.
Can be used for segmentation and targeting.

It lacks customizable CTAs.


The above list only shows a few eMail marketing services that are highly rated. They come with a number of features and varied capabilities. When picking your preferable eMail marketing service, make sure you go for the one that has all the features that will enable you to obtain a huge number of leads, convert them into loyal customers and increase the sales of your products significantly.
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