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Courier Jobs in Delhi

• Your rules — your earnings. You will be the best courier with Wefast
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Courier Jobs in Delhi with WeFast

Delhi is a very crowded place. Everyone is in a hurry here. Nobody has time. It is probably the busiest city of India. In a city like this, an express courier delivery service is must. There are many express courier services in Delhi but the most affordable one is WeFast. We are specialized in urgent delivery. We never asks for any extra costs for the express delivery.
Free schedule
Become a boss: only you decide when to work. Create an individual work schedule and combine it with your favorite hobby, family or study.
Earn good money
It doesn't require to buy a car, equipment or other things - start earning today.
Easy registration
To start working you just need a modern cell phone and positive attitude. Sign up in the app with your passport and phone number in 5 minutes.
Since our delivery services are being loved by our clients and we are getting more than ever orders, we are offering a good number of courier jobs in Delhi. If you are also in need of a freelance job to make some money then WeFast courier job is the best choice. You can work after your school if you're a student or even after your job if you're already employed. Already there are many students, artists and designers working with us.

We are not only running a business like every other business but working for the well being of Delhi as well. Most of our parcels are delivered by cycling couriers in Delhi. This helps in reducing the amount of traffic from roads and also maintains the green nature of environment. Therefore, if you work with us as a courier boy, you will not only be making money but will also be improving the quality of air around you. Cycling will also help you maintain your fitness and keep away the doctors.

Your courier job will be very easy. You will be provided with sender and receiver's address and contact each time you're assigned an order. Then you can take the order from sender and deliver it to the receiver as quick as possible. You will only be assigned orders in and around your own locality so that you don't have to ride your bicycle for a long distance for just one order.

We will train you well before you start working. It will really help you earn more money and enjoy yourself communicating with new people on a daily basis.
International company
WeFast is an international crowdsourced courier delivery service. Our couriers deliver more than 20,000 dispatches daily across 11 countries – including India, Malaysia, and Mexico.
Tech company
The only thing you need to start working as one of our couriers is your mobile phone and our app. All delivery, location, and payment information is available online. It's easy to use, but comments are always welcome to help us improve things.
You bring people happiness
Couriers are small business superheroes! They save companies and their customers time, money, and hassle. They don't just dispatch parcels – they're a crucial part of the supply chain.
To become a WeFast courier just follow
a few super-simple steps
Download the app, register, and get approved
Pick a convenient date and time to start
Respond to the orders that suit you best
Get paid!
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