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Apne safety kie liye, please Covid-19/Corona virus se bach ke rahe. Government se aaye in anudesh ka palan karein -
1. Bathroom jaane ke baad, aur khana khane se pehle apna haath dohye 20 second tak
2. Har time apne saath sanitizer rakhe aur darwaze ke handles, ya koi bhi public cheez chune ke baad apne haatho ko sanitize karein.
3. Khaaste ya cheekte waqt apne koni mein muh karein jisse ki kitaanu na pehle. Ya hamesha disposable tissue ka istimal karein.
4. Agar aapko fever, khaasi, saans lene mein takleef hai to turant hospital jaye check-up ke liye.
5. Agar aapka immunity low hai, ya aapko saans ki bimari jaise aasthma hai toh bahar na jaye. Aapko zyada khatra hai.
Jitna ho sake baaki logo se duur rahiye jisse ki corona phele na, aur aisi jagah na jaye jahan 5 se zyada log honge.
Please stay safe during deliveries against the Covid-19/Corona virus pandemic. Please religiously follow these points to maintain safety for yourself and for everyone you interact with -
1. Please wash your hands with soap for at least 20seconds after visiting the bathroom and before eating anything.
2. Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times and use it after you touch door-handles/door-bells or any other public/common thing.
3. While coughing or sneezing please cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow, stop the germs from spreading on your hands, or use disposable tissues and sanitize afterward.
4. If you're experiencing a fever, coughing, or difficulty in breathing please isolate yourself immediately and get yourself tested at a hospital.
5. If you have low-immunity or have any breathing-related illnesses like asthma please stay indoors as you are at a higher risk of infection.
As much as possible stay away from other people, and do not go to crowded places where more than 5 people may be present. Doing this will help stop the spread of Corona.

Stay safe!